1 in 3 Goes On Tour

1in3-Poster1 in 3 is all about domestic violence abuse to women which has been made into a movie to raise awareness of domestic violence, with the films title 1 in 3 being the shocking statistic that states that 1 in 3 women have suffered domestic violence at some point in there lives.

1 in 3 has teamed up with a website called Tugg is a great platform that will help the film have theatrical screenings, which it otherwise wouldn’t have without their support/services. This will help to promote the film on tour through various theaters across the US, to expand the knowledge to expand the awareness and to let women out there know they are not alone.

Having a social awareness theme, “1 in 3” is not just a festival film. It is important to us that this film reaches its audience, because it is an issue that is often treated and seen as a non-issue.

DONATE HERE http://igg.me/at/fearclinicmovie/x/1114483

As a Women’s Advocate working at a shelter for seven years, Lagueria Davies the writer and director of 1 in 3, is making it her mission to make each screening event a one of a kind event that reaches into the dark details behind this sickening crime.

They are currently raising money via Indiegogo to support there tour and to take a trip across the US to spread the word via the visual element of film. They need YOUR help to back this project, support not only a film but a cause that affects women all across the country.

Check out this news story coverage that Fox did for the movie !

ALSO Check out our interview with Lagueria Davies herself right here !

Please check  out every single page these guys have, spread the word and support a film that has meaning, that has purpose, that could change people’s lives !

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