13 Sins Review

13_SINS_2D_DVD_png_290x290_q92A game that takes a step too far in this wonderfully additive twisted Horror film.

Out of a job, drowning in his debts and soon to marry his pregnant fiancé, Elliot Brindle unexpectedly receives a lifeline in the form of a phone call from a hidden camera game show offering him the chance to win a staggering $6 million cash prize. All he has to do is complete 13 challenges as instructed by the mysterious voice down the phone…The first challenge? Swat the fly buzzing around him. The second challenge? Eat the fly. Skeptical yet shocked to discover thousands of dollars suddenly appearing in his bank account, Elliot decides to continue comforted by the knowledge that he can stop at anytime, but if he does he will lose everything he has won.

As the need to complete the game intensifies and the challenges become more and more disturbing, Elliot finds himself trapped in a terrifying struggle where the horror of his actions cross the point of no return.

What a fantastic refreshing change of pace, the story reels you in and leaves you excited, intrigued and left anticipating what the next crazy and strange challenge entails. Every passing challenge getting more and more serious, what started as child’s play quickly evolves into something deeply more sinister, and we loved it!

Is it bad to say we’d happily do the first few challenges before we called it quits. Ok maybe so.

Put your feet up and enjoy this wonderful horror film, Daniel Stamm puts in a wonderful performance throughout, the pace, tension and thrill of the chase builds and builds keeping your eyes locked on the screen from start to finish. And that twist ending, oh wow !

This horror movie stands head and shoulders above any independent horror we’ve seen all year ! We’d of given it full marks if it wasn’t for that damn ringtone !

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