Ad Lane’s Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead

Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead is an independent fan funded film directed by AD Lane, Invasion was a project that film companies didn’t want to back so insted of giving up Ad took to social media site Twitter and called out to horror movie fans across the world to help fund his film. Five years of donations and dedicated hard work, Mr.Lane has sky rocketed funding into a stage where the film is now in production. Various fundraising included no sleep tactics where Ad would stay up between 50 and 107 hours without any sleep just to dedicate every effort into fundraising his dream.The pure passion and dedication of this aspiring first time director is phenomenal and has inspired many young indy film makers to incorporate Ad’s spirit in raising funds for their own films.

Ad is a huge fan of old school zombie flicks and horror films such as Dawn Of The Dead and The Thing and these influnced Ad,s film idea, but insted of the generic zombie film Ad wanted something different, something that would set it apart from the many other films within this genre to surface over the last decade. Ad’s vision is to keep the film as original as possible aswell as adding elements from horror films we all know and love.

The story starts in 1978 in a small Bulgarian town where an english couple are travelling on their honeymoon unaware of a virus outbreak that is currently killing everybody in a 20 mile radius. A special team of soldiers arrive to try and handle and contain the outbreak but notice one person is immune to the virus strain. The film then forwards to the present day to an island 20 miles off the coast of English Mainland where it is released once more. Ad wanted the main part of the film to be set here due to its isolation leaving the characters trapped with limited opitions of escape.

The story itself sounds brilliant and with news that this film will not be using any CGI what so ever its taking horror back to its roots where original prosthetics and real explosions and gore were presented in all their glory. Cast your mind back to the original Friday The 13th films and you’ll see exactly what I mean, no CGI just good old fashioned prop gore. The real old school epitomy of Horror.

By contributing and donating to Invasion not only do you contribute to the success of what looks to be a superb film, but you will get perks for your donation including downloads of the film, Dvd or Blu Ray of the finished product and even a chance to be in the film yourself in various roles, including zombies or non speaking characters. If you can really splash the cash the perks are endless including props from the film, vip tickets, chance to meet the cast and crew, a meal with the director and so much more.  Aswell as all of that your name will actually feature in the credits of the film meaning that all contributers will be a part of cinema history, no film in existance has ever been 100% fan funded via twitter, this could break records and you could be a part of film history.

So what are you waiting for, if your a huge horror fan and want to be a part of something special then donate today from as little as £10 your name could be amongst the stars.

Invasion Twitter Page  –!/indywoodFILMS

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