5 Cancelled Disney & Pixar Movies You’ll Never Get To See

When it comes to animation, Walt Disney and Pixar provide the best entertainment and story plots possible. Walt Disney remains one of the most beloved movie studios of all time. Whilst the studio is full of so many ideas, not all make it to the big screen, which is a shame. 

Disney and Pixar tend to cancel projects, especially when other movies get in the way and steal the lime light, resulting in these films to be forgotten. However, some fans can’t help but ask “what if?” would they have been added into the Disney classics? Or would they’ve been flops? 

Here are 5 Disney & Pixar movies we’ll never get to see. 


 Cancelled Disney Movies

The most recent cancelled project was ‘Gigantic’ which Disney first revealed back in 2015. The film would retell the famous story of Jack and the Beanstalk, with Disney’s added comedy and a range of emotions. The setting was to be set back in the days of explorations in Spain. Disney had planned on getting the song writers from Frozen to write the songs for the movie and they even performed the son on stage when announcing the upcoming movie, which unfortunately has been cancelled. 


 Cancelled Disney Movies

Back in 2008, Pixar announced Newt where the movie would follow a nearly extinct species of blue-footed newts. One Newt would be male and the other female, who find themselves forced together by two scientists who want to save their species, with the added conflict of the two newts hating each other. The plot itself had so much to offer, but Disney decided back in 2010, that it just wasn’t good enough to make it to the big screen. 

Fraidy Cat

 Cancelled Disney Movies

This is a movie that plenty of cat lovers around the world would really want to see. The concept of the movie would follow a cat who is afraid of EVERYTHING. It would fall under a comedy/thriller niche in homage to Alfred Hitchcock movies. Even though Disney had Ron Clements and John Musker lined up to work on the film, Disney decided back in 2005, to cancel it. 

Louis The Bear

 Cancelled Disney Movies

Louis Prima was a HUGE success for Disney in The Jungle Book in his performance of King Louie. Disney ultimately decided that the actor needed a movie of his own, resulting in Louis the Bear. The story would follow a bear who escapes the zoo with the help from mice. Unfortunately the movie never got made because Walt Disney unfortunately passed away and then Louis Prima was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 

My Peoples

 Cancelled Disney Movies

Back in 2003, Walt Disney made plans to make an animated feature of a ghost and 3 kids. The story has ghosts possessing mountain folk art dolls so that they can interact with the living. Quite a creepy concept, something that Tim Burton might have considered making. Disney had hopes of Dolly Parton voicing one of the animated characters. Unfortunately creative differences kept the movie from ever making it to the big screen. 

Out of these 5 cancelled Disney and Pixar movies would you most want to watch? 

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