7 Things We Have Learnt From the First Justice League Trailer

It has to be said that while there are a whole host of exciting new films due for release, few are as highly anticipated by DC fans than the brand new Justice League movie. Since the 1960’s – when we saw the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern come together to form our favourite group of crime fighting superheroes – we have been captivated by their super powers and backstories. It is precisely this that makes this latest release so talked and speculated about. The first full length trailer set the social media universe ablaze with gossip and opinions about what the new Justice League story will be like and, while there are still many questions left unanswered, here are just some of the things that we can take away for certain from watching the trailer.

Cyborg is taking centre stage

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It has to be said that Cyborg is one of the most underrated character in the superhero gang, with his story being more of a mystery. However it is clear that this is set to change in this film as he is shown to be a key figure that is making the most of his exposure in the story, allowing us to find out more about him. While we were able to find out how Cyborg came to be the way he is in Batman v Superman, the Justice League is assured to give us a better insight into this pre-superhero life.

Superman is a no-show?

We all know that Henry Cavill is listed as being the one to play Superman in the movie, but something that we are curious about is why he fails to make an appearance in the trailer. The lack of clues as to Superman’s whereabouts is driving many fans wild with anticipation and the rumour mill keeps on turning when it comes to finding possible answers to this dilemma.

It will be funnier

While we saw the darker and grittier side of some of the DC superheroes in Batman v Superman, it is safe to say that Justice League will offer some more light hearted and funny moments to break away from the drama! This is reportedly due to Zack Snyder taking into account the feedback that some fans gave him and his obsession with the tone of the films he creates.

Batman has his own type of superpower

Despite Batman not having any superhuman abilities like the rest of his Justice League team, the skills that he has to offer the team make him a stand-out character in the new film. Bruce’s wealth means that he is able to invest in some of the very best and coolest gadgets and tools which not only help him to remain incredibly fit but also allow him to make his mark on and take down the bad guys in style.

Aquaman is set to become your new favourite

We all have a Justice League character that we feel most drawn to, whether it’s Wonder Woman and Batman who are considered to be ‘the parents’ of the group or the Flash who is thought of as being a newbie. While previously Aquaman may have taken a back seat in the hearts of DC fans, this movie is going to change things. The trailer revealed his fun and cheeky side, which is setting him up for becoming a breakout character – watch this space!

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