A Celebration of All Things Halloween: For The Love of the Boogeyman Review

For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween review

For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween is a documentary that brings together some of the brightest independent filmmakers and horror fans from around the world to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s seminal horror classic – Halloween.

The documentary truly is a celebration of all things Halloween. From John Carpenter inventing the seminal slasher movie to the cast and crew involved with the production. This particular flick dwells into the minds of the fans themselves that used Halloween as an inspiration to pursue their own filmmaking careers.

This independent documentary showcases a broad variety of opinion and celebration of the movie and its world influence and it’s nice to see the enthusiasm and passion this particular group have for the movie, even now.

The only niggles for me throughout this detailed and informative opinion piece is the audio quality on some of the interviews and the voiceovers. Some interviews are incredibly loud, some are very faint and the voiceover in-between interviews is so distant I had to crank up my volume at specific times. The other niggle was a hort-film thats shot in-between interview segments that didn’t really relate to Halloween in any shape or form. Probably to fill in space between interviews as no official footage is used throughout the documentary. No doubt due to licensing or budget restrictions.

As a fan-piece, this works superbly well and it’s nice to have this documentary as a celebration to contribute to the movies 40th anniversary. With more fan (not filmmaker) opinions, a dash of original footage and some audio tweaks this could have been stellar. But for what it is, it does the job just fine and I commend all those involved with the production.

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