Absolutely Outrageous. McBain (1991) Review

McBain Review

The action in this film is Absolutely outrageous. Some of the stunts in McBain appear as if actual people perished while filming. Yes, Christopher Walken looks a bit constipated all throughout, but holy shit this film is an absolute blast of bloody, fireball-fueled action. There seems to be a dearth of modern mercenary films; I’d like to see the genre make a resurgence. This film feels like the ultimate Cannon production, yet Cannon had no involvement. The entire effort feels like a deranged cartoon with outlandish bursts of over-sized action, with tons of guys getting riddled with squibs and being blown out of watch towers by RPG’s while under heavy fire from helicopter missile assaults.

McBain Review

The opening sequence, set in Vietnam with an odd Ann Corfield-voiced cover of the Dire Straits song Brothers in Arms, is as bizarre as it is weirdly engrossing. Michael Ironside is all-man in another of his patented gravelly-voiced supporting performances, while the seriousness of the subplot involving Maria Conchita Alonso’s character becomes inadvertently comical. Released in 1991 and barely grossing $500,000 in theaters, this film has remained an item of distinct curiosity over the years, and further cements writer/director James Glickenhaus as one of the more fun-house talents from the 80’s B-movie machine. McBain is available on a region free German Blu-ray release and via DVD and VHS.

Review by Nick Clement

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