American Horror Story Maze Universal Studios Review


Something very fancy and fresh was the American Horror Story maze which takes place over three stages. Let me first say that I don’t watch the show so while I couldn’t tell you exactly which characters are represented in the maze, I can tell you that the first segment is based on the Murder House season. The second is based on the Freakshow season. The third is based on the Hotel season.

The maze is a total 50/50. The scares are very minimal but this maze has the best production value of any maze that I’ve ever seen at Universal. It’s the only maze that I think I walked through completely forgetting I was in a maze. The lighting was eerie, the characters were freakishly fascinating, and this maze was damn long and I loved it. Freakshow is a little short compared to the other two but all the weird freaks you’d find at a haunted carnival were represented. There is also this centerpiece where you walk through a live theatre with a man sawing a girl in half. Once again fun to walk through but nothing that really jumps out at you. As far as the hotel goes I certainly would not like to stay there.

Check out Andy Lassner and Ariana Grande taking a walkthrough the maze below:

Hands down after seven years of Horror Nights without a doubt my hat is tipped to Universal for making this year by far the best year I’ve ever gotten to attend. Those actors have a very tough job and you can see my article on The Walking Dead maze for what they have to go through.

It’s an insanely good time that really just might be my favorite thing LA has to offer. If you live in LA or Orlando there’s still 3 more dates and I obviously highly recommend going or making a plan to next year! 

Review by Kory Davis