An Interview with Michael Myers


I have known Dick Warlock for quite some time now and for those who do not know him, Dick is a Hollywood stuntman who played Michael Myers on Halloween 2. Dick has worked in countless Hollywood films, worked with huge names such as James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, was good friends with Walt Disney and a person of whom met Elvis Presley.

Dick is so down to earth and we regularly chat via Skype, i am so intrigued by his stories

and he is always willing to talk with me regarding just about anything ! I rang Dick via Skype and threw him over some questions as it would make a great improvised interview. Everything you see in this interview is unscripted, its an honour to call this guy my friend !

Now one HUGE mistake on my part as I thought for a second that michael myers was around the same time as the freddy and jason movies but I was instantly proved otherwise.   It had been a long day and it just came out ! so to fans worldwide of horror I apologise !!

I knew Halloween was first by a mile but I guess the excitement of hearing about Dick’s story got the better of me !

Anyways ! enough of the chit chat, I hope you guys enjoy the interview !

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