Bond in Motion Exhibition Review

Bond in Motion banner - B2TMSo this week I finally got to visit the Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum in Convent Garden, I am a big fan of the James Bond franchise and even to see one or two vehicles from the films would of been a treat but this museum was jam packed full with a wide array of James Bond vehicles, props and movie history.

Bond in Motion is the official exhibition of James Bond vehicles that feature in the renowned film series. It is the largest display of its kind ever staged in London and it did not disappoint.

The moment you walk in you are greeted with a huge full scale model of a helicopter, I was searching around for what movie it was from but still I couldn’t find the plaque, I’m [retty sure I walked straight past it in an instance but I was just blown away by the sheer scale of the prop !

Helicopter - Bond in Motion - Back to the Movies

I walked up the stairs to find the basic props, clapperboards, storyboards and concept art and just looking at the detail, every inch of drawing, planning and sequencing that not only 007 but every film goes into blows my mind. I glance through a glass cabinet and see the Clapperboard to Skyfall and Goldeneye, imagining the things they both have seen, even such a simple item as a clapperboard is steeped in history and all part of the 007 legacy.

Goldeneye - Bond in Motion - Back to the Movies

So I make my way downstairs, already impressed with the layout of the exhibit, everything is closely knitted together and well displayed, the cars are in immaculate condition and now I am in my element. Each car has a video projection showing the scenes in which they were used, and there was me thinking only cars were present. We had boats, choppers, models, weapons, bikes and jet ski’s all presented on display.

Aston Martin DB5 - Bond in Motion - Back to the Movies

The beautiful Aston Martin’s from Skyfall and Casino Royale were shown in their battered and bruised state as I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye, the Aston Martin DB5 in pristine condition from Goldeneye, along with the Lotus Espirit from The Spy Who Loved Me.

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I spent over 3 and a half hours in the museum, the exhibit took a full hour and a half to look around fully but I had to take it all in, it was a crazy experience. The London Film Museum had put on a brilliant show, the museum was so clean and tidy, with a layout that really complimented the cars. My only negative thought was that the gift shop was extortionately over-priced but this is London after all.

Even the coffee shop was an experience, the whole cafe was kitted out with model helicopters and props used in Die Another Day and sitting down to sip my Cappuccino, Chris Cornell’s theme song from Casino Royale ‘You Know My Name’ blasts forth through the cafe.

Aston Martin - Bond in Motion - Back to the Movies

I thoroughly recommend going to see the James Bond exhibition, at a price of £14, was an absolute bargain for any 007 enthusiast! Whether you’re a Daniel Craig fan, Roger Moore, Piece Brosnan, Sean Connery or any other prolific bond actor, there will be something for everyone at the Bond in Motion exhibition.

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