BTTM’s TOP 5 Stifler Moments

545246_284597688330285_240457908_n We at Back to the Movies love Seann William Scott and his most memorable role of playing Steve Stifler in the American Pie franchise. It was hard to pick a top 5 of our favourite big stiffy moments but we hope we’ve done the great man some justice here.

What are your favourite Stifler moments?

Number Five – The Champagne Scene

Stifler and Christy share a moment before she gets struck unconscious, the rest that follows is the greatest golden shower in American Pie history.

Number 4 – Deck the halls by Migrate Falls

Its short but sweet but gives us the great insight into the personality of the man that is Steve Stifler. A great monologue to the tune of a Sum 41 soundtrack. American Pie at its all time best.

Number 3 -Its Payback Time

Stifler makes it perfectly clear in American Reunion that he is not one to be made a fool of, this moral runs in the family as the other generation of Stiflers proved this theory time and time again over the course of the other movies. A fantastic scene with a wonderful return of the original cast. We LOVED American Reunion !

Number 2 – The Infamous Jizz Beer 

After Kevin and Vicky have a rather intimate session in the bedroom, Kevin feels the need to release his little swimmers into the closest thing available to him, in this instance a cup of beer. Stifler brings a girl up to the same room and chaos ensues. An infamous scene that makes you gag no matter how many times you watch it !

Number One – The Dance Off 

The dance club in the gay bar in American Pie the Wedding has to be one of the funniest dance offs we’ve ever seen on screen, Stifler rocks the dance floor against Bear and lays down some moves to some classic music ! Oh yeah baby !

So there is our top 5 Stifler moments, there are so, so many more, the lacross game scene, the stripper scene from American Pie the wedding, the dog poo treat scene from The Wedding, the grandma scene, so so many but these are just a few of our favourites.

Thats it my fuckers !