BuIlding The DeLorean Issue #10

Issue 10 is by far the most fun and complex issue I have had the pleasure of building. The first ten issues come first circle as our suspension, plates, anti-roll bar are all added to the chassis in a 4 page build.

This huge metal chassis spans the length of the car and piece by piece we add previous issue builds onto the chassis and it starts to take on the basic shape of the vehicle.

Issue 10 building your own back to the future deloean

The magazine contains some great production pieces including Eric Stoltz shooting the skateboard scene with his stunt double, Biff’s henchmen, Christopher Lloyd and the various stunts a-top the clocktower and finally the replica Hill Valley that Doc created to show Marty how the time travel sequence would work on the night of the lightning strike.

With this issue being such a large build, I decided to go and grab a cup of tea put my feet up and ease into Issue #11. Whilst I did think it would be a difficult issue to construct, well laid out instructions made it a hell of a lot easier to complete than I first imagined.

Bring on issue #11

Stay tuned for our Issue 11 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE