BuIlding The DeLorean Issue #11

After quite the fulfilling build that was Issue 10 we have a rather simple engine support to assemble and attach to Issue 10’s main chassis piece. Although an easy issue I still managed to fluff it up by putting the connecting rods into the frame the wrong way around as you’ll see in the video.

Made from diecast metal with two plastic covers Issue 11 was a nice quick assembly and allowed me to further enjoy the extensive content of the magazine.

Continuing on from Issue 10’s production diary following filming with Eric Stoltz, Issue 11 focuses on the school that was used as Hill Valley High School in the movie. This issue also goes into detail about how slowly the production team were coming to the realisation that Eric Stoltz couldn’t portray the Marty Mcfly they had envisaged and slowly this became apparant as filming was under-way.

The next segment of the magazine goes in depth about the interior of the DeLorean and all of Doc’s wonderful gadgets and gizmo’s for us all to behold and how it was so hard to shoot inside the DeLorean due to their being so many parts all over the place. Originally the flux capicitor was on the roof before being moved to the back of the interior. If Michael J Fox had problems with the doors hitting him on the head all of the time, imagine what problems the flux would have caused on the roof!

The magazine ends with a piece of Biff Tannen and we are given a sneak peak towards Issue #12 which will start us on the left rear axle.

Stay tuned for our Issue 12 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE