Building the DeLorean Issue #17

Back again with issue 17 of the Build your own Back to the Future DeLorean and in this issue we have the engine bottom, front, sump pan and transmission case rear to assemble.

Thankfully once again it’s another easy issue as the die-cast metal pieces fit together snugly and the only plastic piece of the issue is the sum pan which slotted into place over the engine bottom ever so snugly. All the screws were flying in without hassle and the build was complete in 15 minutes rather easily giving me time once again to flick through the magazine.

The first magazine feature of Issue 17 focuses on the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, the costumes, the location and how this elaborate set was pieced together. The article finishes with something that should never be left off from that memorable dance scene and that’s Michael J Fox’s Johnny B Goode guitar rendition. Did you know that Michael J Fox was tutored for several weeks by guitarist Paul Hanson so the actor could play the right sequence of chords. Michael was given a half-speed version of the song to practice with.

More set design information about the McFly residence leads into the final page feature of Doc’s collection of clocks. Not the most interesting of the last page articles but still a very good indicator of the high level of attention to detail that the film brought to the screen.

An easy build and with issues 18 and 19 equally as easy. This build was becoming a walk in the park. Famous last words.

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