Building The DeLorean Issue #2


Issue #2 of Eaglemoss’s Build your own Back to the Future DeLorean is upon us already, the first three issues arrived in their little box of holiness and I just couldn’t wait to get started, packaging was flying all over the place like a kid unboxing presents on Christmas day.

DeLorean rear bumper

The second issue is a fairly simple build that includes the last rear tail-light to attach and the drivers side front wing with rubber trim. Those damn tail-lights are so fiddly and once again after a good solid twenty minutes of swearing I managed to clip the lights into the back and secure them in place with the screws provided and then last but not least, clip in the famous OUTATIME number plate and taadaa, rear bumper complete.

The front wing trim is die-cast metal and attaching the rubber trim was a nice simple procedure, quite an easy issue but fun to finally see the rear bumper of the car complete.

Delorean front wing

It’s amazing to see the car coming together piece by piece and I’m really enjoying reading all about my favourite movie franchise as I go along, as this piece was completed in little to no time at all I jumped straight into the magazine full of more Back to the Future goodness.

The Magazine

Issue 2 Build your own DeLorean

In Issue #2 we continue with the concept art of Rob Cobb and Andrew Probert as we see more of the designs of the DeLorean taking shape.

Fun Fact: Originally the time-travel device was going to be a cola powered fridge located in an atomic test facility that was powered by a nuclear blast sending the fridge back in time. This idea was later scrapped because of budgetary and logistical reasons. Also they didn’t want kids hiding in their own fridges re-enacting the scenes.

The rest of the magazine goes into original drafts of the script and how very different they were from the final completed movie and right at the back we have some Universal Studios history of the iconic building used as the clock-tower in all three Back to the Future movies. A building I’ve had the pleasure of visiting as it’s still used on the Universal Studios lot to this very day!

Me standing infront of the clock tower building used in Back to the Future @ Universal Studios Hollywood

Me standing infront of the clock tower building used in Back to the Future @ Universal Studios Hollywood

Stay tuned for our Issue 3 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE