Cactus Boy Short Film Hits Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Cactus Boy Kickstarter

When I was first sent an email about Cactus Boy my mind was racing with imaginative thoughts about a young superhero who would fire his cactus needles like darts to rid the world of evil. My imagination has never been all that great so I was pleasantly surprised to hear what the real movie was actually about.

Cactus Boy is a short film about a man who breaks up with his imaginary friend. The story focuses on a rather hilariously named character called Winston Prickle, a grown man working in a plant nursery in Arizona, who still talks to his childhood friend, the Cactus Man. When Winston falls in love with a co-worker and begins to make a human connection for the first time, he decides the time has come to banish his childhood connection. So much for imaginary bros before… well.. you know.

The movie is shot with real practical effects rather than CGI and comes across like a strong coming of age story very similar to A Monster Calls or I Kill Giants.

After setting up a Kickstarter to raise £7000 the campaign has soared past fully funded status in its opening three days. A very impressive effort for a crowdfunding campaign and a total that could rise exponentially throughout the remaining 26 days of the fundraiser.

Cactus Boy Kickstarter

Working on a life-size Cactus Man costume will be one of the tougher aspects of production. Two fabrication and prosthetics artists will come together to make Cactus Man a reality. I’m really looking forward to how this plays out on camera and I applaud the production for choosing practical effects over CGI. You just can’t beat good old practical effects!

Imagination, dedication and a deep, healthy love of film shine through in this wonderful pitch. With various perks on offer you can contribute to Cactus Boy today by visiting –

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