Calling fans of Nero !

cariño posterIn all independent films there are the unsung heroes, the ones that make a huge difference to any production, for some it’s the guy that drove the van and set up the BBQ to keep everyone fed, for others it’s the helpful janitor with the golden key to an incredible location. For the cast and crew of Cariño, Nero the donkey comes pretty high up that list.

The Pig Village Animal Sanctuary in Murcia Spain opened its doors for the independent production back in late 2012 and it wasn´t just the accommodation and the location. There was a scene within the film that needed the services of a talented donkey. Without hesitation, Nero volunteered and was in the make-up chair in moments.

The sanctuary is owned and run by actor/producer Julian Nicholson and his family and now they need our help! The sanctuary recently rescued 8 horses suffering from severe malnutrition. So along with Nero, who was adopted a few years ago, they now have 13 horses and 2 donkeys that need constant feeding. They have been devoting all their time and funds to the care of the Horses and donkeys and it is a struggle. They have negotiated a fantastic deal to purchase 400 bales of hay and need to raise the money to do it.

They have just launched the Buy-A-Bale campaign which gives supporters the chance to help out  from as little as 3pounds (a bale).

You can like them on facebook here alternatively the direct link to the fundrazr campaign is here:

This is not the only time that the sanctuary has featured within a film, it is also a main location for a western being shot later in the year, so please help keep this amazing location working and show some love, Nero will love it!

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