Can’t Find What You Want On Netflix? Fear Not!


Netflix gives us the freedom to scroll through an endless number of titles and watch just whatever piques our mood that particular day. From action to comedy, from horror to TV Shows it just about has it all. But with freedom of choice comes indecisiveness. There really is just too much choice when it comes to selecting just one thing to watch. In addition, what if you take a chance on something you haven’t seen before and it’s absolutely awful. I do this ALOT but when my goal as a film reviewer is to watch as many films as possible, I can never just turn the film off. It must be watched, from start, to end, no matter how bad it may be.

Thankfully the guys over at Flixboss have made the Netflix experience a little easier. Their site picks out some of the best movies and shows from each genre and dilutes the huge Netflix selection lists into something that’s a little easier to comprehend.

Don’t get me wrong the lists in question are all subjective on the audience but upon having a browse on their site you can’t go far wrong. A large majority of their selections and choices are more than acceptable for a ‘Netflix and chill’ session (a real one, not the other kind).

But with that said I have a few of my own personal Netflix recommendations that I’d like to share with you. A few shows and films that are well worth checking out for yourself. Here we go.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 2 Review

A show that took the world by storm. Now into its third season after the second season was lauded across the globe. This thrilling Netflix original drama stars Golden Globe-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 — inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences.  I absolutely love the 80’s vibe that oozes off this thing, it’s equal parts thrilling as it is nostalgic. Well worth checking out!


Bright film review

Bright starring Will Smith isn’t the catastrophic bandwagon bomb that a lot of critics like to claim and it’s not as good as it should be, yet it is a lot of fun with fantastic chemistry between Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Certainly a marmite movie, you’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it.

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woke-ish review

Marlon Wayans brings the thunder AND the lightning in this Netflix original comedy stand-up performance. Tackling controversial topics in the only way Marlon knows how. With all-out energy, craziness and extreme hilarity. If you love your comedy and want to sit back and laugh until your tummy hurts. You can go far wrong with Woke-ish. While we’re on the subject of Marlon and Netflix you should have a look through the titles for a film called Naked. Another comedy from Marlon that takes a heavy Groundhog Day influence with a Wayans twist.



Those looking for a continuation of David Fincher’s seminal Zodiac may be disappointed but nonetheless, Mindhunter is one hell of a good series that is well worth your time!

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