Christian Grey Is Whipped? Fifty Shades Freed Review

fifty shades freed review

The third and final instalment of the Fifty Shades franchise see’s Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele tie the knot. The second the words ‘I do’ are spoken Christian Grey transforms into a cowering beta male for the films two-hour duration. The guy who ties up women for sexual pleasure is metaphorically whipped from start to finish in this perfect advert for weak, male behaviour in marriage and relationships.

The once strong alpha male gets a ring on his finger and crumbles into a luxurious doormat in Fifty Shades Freed. It’s quite a fall from grace from what was originally quite an interesting, dominant and unique male lead character.

fifty shades freed review

The Fifty Shades Freed plot revolves (loosely) around Ana’s former boss Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) who is hell-bent on destroying Ana’s life after she caused him to lose his job. Not much in the way of story as we’re too busy looking at nice houses, fast cars and a luxurious lifestyle without any personality injected into any of the characters on screen. The first two movies had arcs for Ana’s character at least but this time around it’s just a one trick pony and it gets a little dull in terms of storyline fairly quickly. Thankfully I’m a sucker for a nice house, a nice car and the grandiose luxury lifestyle, so at least I wasn’t bored for two hours straight.

The saving grace of this movie is Johnson. She steals every scene which isn’t too difficult in this particular production and is a somewhat silver lining to a rather linear affair.

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