Climbing that Ladder – Money in the Bank

MITB_ANTH_DVD_2DOn DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 4th Nov. 2013

One of the most important matches in WWE is the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. A chance for a WWE Superstar to gain the ultimate opportunity of a championship match anytime & anywhere they want. This DVD/Blu-ray set brings you all of these classic matches in one collection!


Hosted by The Miz, the compilation features every Money in the Bank Ladder Match in history. The match debuted at WrestleMania 21 in 2005, quickly becoming a WrestleMania tradition and in 2010 proved so popular that it was given its own annual PPV event. Several top Superstars have been Money in the Bank winners including John Cena, Kane, Edge, CM Punk (twice!), Rob Van Dam and many more. 11 of the first 12 winners have used the match as a springboard to winning a championship, and several times the match has helped a Superstar who has never win a World Championship break through to claim their first. Much like the Royal Rumble Match, the Money in the Bank match represents a golden opportunity for a Superstar to achieve immortality, and its entire lineage is presented here.


High flying, high octane action as the WWE’s biggest and best superstars put their bodies on the line in a money in the bank ladder match. Each and every match full of death defying stunts and incredibly feats of athletic ability with moments of pure magic along the way. Each fall and each tumble from the top of the ladder makes you wince in pain let alone the stars that are out there doing it !

A host of stars from Christian to John Cena and even the return of RVD is showcased in this 3 disc compilation and it does not disappoint. The only downside to the DVD for me is the Miz hosting it, He’s a great wrestler but he comes across so big headed in the pre match talks. Look at me I did this, I beat such and such, I’m so good.. it doesn’t come across professional it just kind of makes him look an ass!

Aside from that I throughly enjoyed the quantity and quality of the footage shown and it really is a great watch, the ladder matches are so crazy as you all know and having them all on one place showcased is superb to see !

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