Nick Clement – Reviews

Nick Clement is a freelance writer, having contributed to Variety Magazine, Hollywood- Elsewhere, Awards Daily, Back to the Movies (of course), and Taste of Cinema. He’s currently writing a book about the works of filmmaker Tony Scott, and co-operates the website Podcasting Them Softly.

Nick will be covering Studio reviews from now and from days gone by. It’s a pleasure to have someone of Nick’s calibre on the team helping to contribute content to my little ol site.

Frank Mengarelli – Reviews

Franke Mengarelli

Everybody relax, Frank Mengarelli is here. Frank is a lifelong student of cinema and the arts. Some of Frank’s favorite films are All That Jazz, Manhunter, The Tree Of Life, The Wild Bunch, Bad Lieutenant (1992), and Batman (1989).His favorite filmmakers are Abel Ferrara, Terrence Malick, John Carpenter, Michael Mann, and Sylvester Stallone. Frank is the Editor-In-Chief of his own outlet, Podcasting Them Softly, a weekly podcast that is centered on all aspects of film and interviews with anyone and everyone within the film industry. Connect with Frank on Twitter at @frankmengarelli.

Mark S Allen – LA Correspondent – Junkets

Mark S Allen My good friend Mark S Allen is a film nerd, a 3 time Emmy Award Winner and was host of his own show for two years on Comedy Central, as well as co-host of Scratch with Lisa Ling.  His movie show Mark At The Movies aired in 27 countries, 168 million homes Worldwide both on Reelz Channel and AFN.   He’s logged over 25,000 hours of live local television as well as visiting the sets of countless blockbusters all over the World.  He has been Mark Zuckerbergs guest at the Facebook campus on numerous occasions to host celebrity movie screening Q&As and has done the same for two California Governors. 

He has a Guinness World Record for jalapeño pepper eating, and the local record for most bones broken on American TV; in fact recently he defied great white shark attacks in the San Francisco Bay by swimming all the way from the bay bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge televised live!!!

He is crazy about movies, and quite possibly just crazy.  See him live every weekday morning, 6-10am PST on

Mark will be providing us with the latest studio film interviews with Hollywood’s hottest talent!

If you would like to support the continuation of the site and it’s upkeep. Please consider donating. Every little helps!

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