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Da Vinci Escape Stoke

After an epic few months of experiencing all that Escape Stoke has to offer we are now finally down to the last room at the venue, the Da Vinci Room.

The Da Vinci Room is one of the harder rooms at Escape Stoke and upon entering the room you find yourself in an old fashioned Sherlock Holmes style office and your quest (should you choose to accept it) is to find the holy grail.

Da Vinci Escape Stoke

I found the theming of this particular room to be very impressive. A full-sized piano is contained within the room, an antique radio and also a typewriter along with some unique puzzles and artifacts that are very accurate to the Da Vinci theme. The clues flow rather nicely into one another and I personally found the room easier than that of other rooms at the venue. Casino Heist is probably the one escape room in the venue that was difficult due to the fact that the clues didn’t lead to one another, it was a snatch and grab and felt a little all over the place.

I remember seeing The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks and the one prop that stood out for me throughout the entire movie was the Cryptex. This room was complete for me when I eventually found this particular prop, even thou this particular prop was on a much smaller scale to that of the film-size prop.

Da Vinci Escape Stoke

Everything within the Da Vinci Room feels of very high quality. A certain aspect of the room, however (no spoilers here) does need way more theming as the room reaches its climactic finish. I feel as thou if you’re hunting for a holy grail that the climatic finish needs to be surrounded in much better theming and surroundings.

The one issue that I had throughout the experience was the cameras. If you ever need help with a particular clue you can pull a pose and a clue appears on the TV screen in each room. I was pulling poses for around 8 minutes to find out that no-one was watching the camera. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened but it was a quiet day and the venue has been short staffed when I’ve done these reviews so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Da Vinci Escape Stoke

We managed to escape the room in 52 minutes, just the two of us and it was good fun. The minutes seem to fly by when you’re inside the room and the Da Vinci Room is a very cool room for those wanting more cryptic style puzzles.

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