Damn thats a BIG ASS SPIDER !

big-ass-spiderA giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampage the city of Los Angeles. When a massive military strike fails, it is up to a team of scientists and one clever exterminator to kill the creature before the city is destroyed. The hopes of the city rest squarely upon the shoulders of exterminator Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg) and security guard turned side-kick, Jose (Lombardo Boyar). The film has a strong cast line up for an independent film, something that is very rare to see further re-enforced with a cameo from none other than Lyoyd Kaufman himself.

Big Ass Spider came to my attention when Producer Shaked Berenson was on Twitter talking about the movie, I got in touch, we spoke a little and a few days later here I am with a screener in hand typing this article for you lovely readers to enjoy!

I was quite skeptical before watching this film, only because recently I had watched another far out creature film by the name of Sharknado. Take aside all the bad press ,the cheesy CGI, poor acting and plot line, Sharknado somehow keeps you watching and wanting more. At no point during the film did I want to turn off because of how hilariously bad it was, it kept me hooked so with that being said.. it can’t be all that bad, can it? I went into this frame of mind before watching Big Ass Spider, I thought OK, it’s time to switch off my brain, grab a beer, some nacho’s and here we go. Boy was I wrong !


As the opening scene cuts in its clear to see the quality that the film will pan out to be, the mood is set, the scene is prepared and we are faced with an apocalyptic scene where ‘Big Ass Spiders’ are crawling over the Los Angeles skyline leaving mayhem and destruction in their wake. The CGI for the most part is fantastically done but in some frames you can see slight mistakes or lack of quality in some sequences but for the budget of the movie this is to be expected, as a whole the CGI team did an amazing job throughout. Heck if I could watch Sharknado all the way through a few CGI glitches aren’t going to effect my thoughts on the movie!

The comedic elements in the film are present throughout with Alex’s sidekick Jose taking credit for all of the jokes, even through times of peril and crisis these films always still manage to crack jokes, keeping that upbeat spirit alive. No cheesy jokes as such just more panicked reasoning, random outbursts, a raw style of comedy that I find to be hilarious. I’m easily pleased.

f5436520c638f266829e04aeaed8273cI did however notice one element that let me down amongst this fun fest, usually its an actor or character fault but nope not in this film, its the damn extras !! In the park scene the spider is chasing away and some of the background actors don’t look scared they’re looking behind them as thou they’re running away from a green screen or a dancing teddy, no realism in that scene what so ever and it let the scene down as it was a really cool part of the film as the spider is rampaging through the park. If they are gonna hire extra’s at least get ones with mild acting experience, or hire me, I’d be a little bit more scared if a big ass spider was chasing me!

The film ends in dramatic style but there is a nice little cliffhanger left at the end of the movie not too forget its not clear if all the spiders are destroyed so there is room there to make a sequel, which would nicely accompany this fun filled movie.

This film blows Sharknado out of the water (Excuse the pun) it grabs a hold of you with interesting scenarios, a great build up of tension coupled with humorous interludes that break up the suspense, A great sense of commendatory and an enjoyable experience for anyone watching this movie. The name of the film instantly gives you an idea of what the film is going to be, a great fun filled right with yes.. you guessed it.. BIG ASS SPIDER.