Deadpool 2 Review: It’s Like He Never Left

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My jaw hit the floor when I realised that it’s been two whole years since we’ve seen Deadpool on the big screen. The Merc with the mouth is finally back, 2018, the year of Marvel it seems with Black Panther and Infinity War blowing box-office records to pieces and leaving DC in their almighty dust.

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Making a sequel to a movie that kickstarted an R-Rated Superhero uprising is no easy task. So much expectation, so much pressure but Deadpool grabs it by the grapefruits and makes it his bitch. Deadpool 2 is a wonderful movie that feels like he never left but it does have its problems. Not many, but it does fall short of the original quite considerably. Maybe as an audience, we now know what to expect this time around. Last time Deadpool’s humour, actions and R-Rated gore fest were all but new experiences for moviegoers. This time around it’s pretty much more of the same but the film tries to go down new paths. Some work, some really don’t.

Deadpool 2 review

Wade’s story in this film is much more serious than that of the original. Even thou the stakes were still undeniably high in the first instalment in Deadpool 2 everything feels more serious, Infinity War serious. But whilst Infinity War dropped in moments of comedy in perfectly timed drops. Deadpool 2 constricts the comedy around the serious plot and then suddenly the serious side of the story gives way to numerous dick jokes, spoof references (including DC and Batman) and awkward moments of intimacy between Wade and other characters in the story.

As cringy as they are funny there are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this film that you’ll completely forget that there is even a story in there somewhere. One particular scene involving Cable, Deadpool and a lack of clothing is eye wateringly hilarious. One scene you could watch twenty times and still laugh your ass off

Deadpool 2 review

After a personal tragedy Wade takes up a trainee position with the X-Men. One mishap later and he’s in prison alongside a young pyrokinetic mutant named Russell (Julian Dennison). Strapped of his abilities a time-travelling soldier named Cable (Josh Brolin) arrives from the future in true Terminator style to murder the young boy whose future brings death and destruction. Wade must recruit some allies to fight alongside him and thus the X-Force is formed.

Deadpool 2 review

We get to see the X-Force line-up in the trailers but most characters aside I need to give a special mention to Zazie Beetz who plays the character Domino. Her superpower is luck (a questionable power) but one that plays an extraordinary part in some of the best action sequences within the movie. Keep an eye on every scene she’s in as she stands head and shoulders above the rest of the X-Force and their hilarious sequences. There is a reason I won’t mention the X-Force too much but it would be a spoiler so… next!

Deadpool 2 review

I’ve always loved just how Deadpool never takes itself seriously in any shape or form. Its self-mocking is admirable and you’ll absolutely love the James Bond-esque credit sequence that kickstarts the movie. The film dares you to laugh at some of the darker jokes, and pushes that 15 rating (yes, really) to the max and beyond. I really don’t quite know how on earth this managed to be a 15 rated movie. Someone was bribed with a chimichanga somewhere. No-one can say the movie as a whole is predictable. We’re always on our toes and laughing all the way even if the plot is thinner than a Skyn condom.

Deadpool 2 review

Deadpool 2 once again shows the world that this is a role that Ryan Reynolds was born to play. If I had even the slightest negative thing to say, I would say that the film sorely missed Tim Millers golden touch. It was sad news to hear about him leaving this project early on and there is a gaping hole there where his magic once lay. The visual style is by no means terrible but the action sequences and the way in which the movie is shot feels so much different than the first. Nothing much to complain about but a little magic was lost in there for sure. It doesn’t feel as playful or as crazy in the way it’s shot and we really need that to compliment everything else we’re witnessing on screen.

The little franchise that did great things. Bring on Deadpool 3 already or at the very least hurry up with this X-Force movie!

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