Delicate Gravity – Short Film Review


Delicate Gravity sees two lives become entwined.  Paul (Yvan Attal) receives an emotional message from Claire (Anne Parillaud). He can hear the deep sadness behind her words and believes she might commit suicide. But Paul does not know Claire. This is a message left on the wrong man’s phone. A message that will lead Paul to a brief encounter with Claire.

Philippe André created a heartwarming film that keeps you glued to the screen from start to finish, not only did he write this wonderful piece, he directed it as well. Paul’s character is openly made out to be a bad father, , a single lonely man sitting alone at a chinese restaurant when the call comes through. A cry for help from a woman he’s never met who has left a voice mail on Paul’s phone by mistake, a crying woman in need of help, with her voice tailing off as thou life itself was about to end for her. For a man that does not care whole heatedly about his own family, he goes through a lot of trouble to find out who the mysterious caller was, which leads them to their eventual meet-cute.

DelicateGravity4-copieI love how the story drags you in, a fitting title as the film itself has its own gravitational pull that brings you into the narrative. The definition of the film title could also refer to the gravitational effect that Claire’s character has on Paul, that drawing towards one another, that instant care and compassion felt towards a complete stranger.

The meet-cute and the scenes after that seem a little far fetched to me, but I imagine it to be not entirely out of the ordinary due to the mental state of both characters involved. Never the less a short film that gripped my attention, has fantastic cinematography work and stands out as a unique please of cinema indeed.

A touching story that has you thinking over many aspects, glimmers of hope in life, taking chances, following your heart. A strongly focused and emotive theme, an art form rather than film. Thoroughly recommended.

Talented director Philippe André trained at a Parisian film School and first began his career in the world of music. Working with artists such as All Saints, Placebo, Roger Sanchez, Morcheeba, Faithless, Dido, Youssou N’Dour, Texas, Hooverphonic, Amina, Emilie Simon, Zazie and Ute. Philippe wrote and directed his first short film entitled Le Tourbillon de la Vie in homage to François Truffaut. In 2006, Philippe wrote and directed The Rope starring Natasha Wightman, music by Max Richter.

The film was in the Official selection at many US Festivals such as Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, The New York City Big Apple Film Festival, The San Francisco Independent Film Festival, The Palm Spring Film Festival, The Sarasota Film Festival. It was awarded Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative at the One Reel / Seattle International Film Festival. With stellar performances by Yvan Attal and Anne Parillaud, wonderful writing and directing by Philippe André and eye catching cinematography by David Ungaro, it is no wonder that Delicate Gravity is making a lot of noise.

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