Director John Carpenter Announces a Halloween Movie in 2018


After the heart-breaking news that paramount cancelled the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot we were in a bit of a lull for a few days, until now.

Director John Carpenter took to FaceBook to announce a brand new Halloween movie scheduled for Oct.19th 2018 with Carpenter in an Exec Producer role and teasing that he may also provide the composition for the movie.

Danny McBride (Yes, Kenny Powers) along with David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) are writing the script which to me is a strange combition of comedic backgrounds attempting Horror, but with Jason Blum on board and John approving it, who am I to question what kick-ass angle they’re going to take on our Haddonfield slasher. Definately an upgrade in experience and talent of the usual Horror movie but how will two comedy based guys fare against one of cinema’s greatest killers. After Oct.19th could Rob Zombie’s Halloween actually be classed as ‘not so bad anymore‘. We shall see, exciting times for sure.