DVD Locker Review: Movies Straight to Your Doorstep

DVD Locker Review

With online streaming services destroying humanity as we know it, owning a real DVD and Blu Ray is slowly becoming a way of the past. For those like myself who are defiant enough to prefer a hard-copy of a film over some online database then DVD Locker is the way to go.

For those budding collectors out there whos living rooms, offices or cinema rooms look like an old Blockbuster video store this is the site for you. DVD Locker allows you to choose various subscription services that have DVDs and Blu Rays landing on your doorstep every month. But wait. They’re not just any old films. To save you receiving films you may already have in your collection or films you’re just not that interested in seeing then DVD Locker allow you to customize what titles are due to arrive.

The process all starts when you sign up. You fill in a questionnaire about your favorite genres, your least favorite genres, and the system will generate suggested titles based on your answers. Once the titles have been suggested you have time to refresh your choices. Within 24-48 hours a new title will appear (although it can be refreshed quicker) that may be of interest. You can keep refreshing the films you’re going to receive until you’re happy with your choice. There are set cut-off dates for which you can refresh up to but there is more than a sufficient time period in which you can do this.

I personally love the fact that you can customize what is due to arrive and the pricing is fairly competitive. I chose the movie Singularity and A Haunting at Cyprus Creek as part of my two film review package. Two films I had never heard of and never seen which is a rarity for me. Five days later the films had arrived.

DVD Locker Review – Contents

DVD Locker Review

Title – Singularity

Retail Price – £6.99

Rating – ★★★

Review – In 2020, a supercomputer deems mankind a threat and launches an all-out attack. The movie fast-forwards nearly a century later as two teenagers struggle to survive in the world as they seek a sanctuary called Aurora where humans live without fear of robots.

I’m a firm believer in fate. When this arrived I instantly recognized the director’s name, Robert Kouba. I have known Robert for quite some time and we used to chat regularly on Skype about his film Aurora which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter at the time. I helped to market the Kickstarter, raise funds for the film and even interviewed Robert for the project. Not only that but Back to the Movies had a cameo in the movie which was eventually cut as we both agreed a movie website in the apocalypse didn’t really make much sense. After doing some research I read that a bigger company had taken over, re-named the film and re-wrote the script, attached John Cusack and made a whole new film. A very small world indeed and a film I actually helped to make. Spooky!

Whilst the opening 15 minutes of the movie feels like a Hollywood blockbuster the film instantly dives back to its independent roots with a bang thereafter. There really isn’t much to the story or anything that keeps you gripped throughout but some nice CGI and beautiful cinematography kept me watching through a rather confusing and convoluted story.

DVD Locker Review

Title – A Haunting at Cyprus Creek

Retail Price – £3

Rating – ★

Review – Don’t let the rather cool Evil Dead / Cabin in the Woods inspired artwork fool you. This film is about as awful as a film can get. We have awful camera work mixed with actors who I’m sure are rather talented but the audio for their dialogue is rarely picked up clearly to make a decision on that front. We have shaky camera work and a half-assed script. I’m pretty sure I could grab an iPhone with a mic attachment and make something better than this horrific disaster.

I can’t imagine that the budget was any more than $1000 but if it was then there are some pretty angry investors out there which many, many regrets. An awful film with a plot that fell of a cliff and a script that tried to cram so many other movie references in there that it just implodes instantly.

Stay away. You’ll thank me later.


Price paid – £9.99 (Free Delivery)

Value – £9.99

So whilst the films were a lot to be desired the service itself was pretty great. I broke even on the two independent titles I had chosen and the films arrived on time. I loved the customization options and the online system tailoring films to my tastes is genius. The only negative I had about the service is that DVD Locker claims the movies are brand new. Whilst the films did arrive in disc perfect condition the slipcase on A Haunting at Cyprus Creek did look a little beat up around the edges and neither DVD was in cellophane wrapping. Whether they take the DVD’s out of their wrapping before shipping I don’t know but they certainly didn’t feel ‘new’ to me so I would love clarification on this.

Update – Seconds after this review went live DVD Locker reached out to me and said that they test every single movie before dispatch to ensure that the customer has a great viewing experience. Personally, I don’t particularly think this is needed but it’s a nice little failsafe I guess.

Next time I’d love to try out the Blu Ray service and maybe choose two studio movies this time so I can get a better value for money but either way. I’m pretty impressed with this unique collection building movie service.

Want to build up your film collection? Look no further than DVD Locker – https://www.dvdlocker.co.uk

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