EE BAFTAS Venue Announced

It’s that time of year again where I pack my bag and head to London for the EE BAFTA awards. It has been announced that the ceremony will be held at the Royal Albert Hall and will feature Cirque du Soleil’s latest UK show. I’m quite sad that the awards will be held at the Royal Albert Hall again strictly because of the huge exhibition memorial that completely obstructed 50% of my red carpet view last year. It certainly wasn’t up to the standards of the Royal Opera House when they hosted the BAFTAS back in 2016. The carpet was wide open, the view was unobstructed and overall I just thought it was a much better and more convenient location. Naturally i’m judging from an exterior point of view and that doesn’t take away anything from the fact that the Royal Albert Hall is absolutely stunning inside.

Having presented the Awards 12 times previously, Stephen Fry will be stepping down as the host of the ceremony.

Stephen Fry said:  “Every one of the twelve BAFTA film award ceremonies that I had the privilege of hosting has a place in my memory. The mixture of glamour, glory, drama and – occasionally – embarrassment and hiccup holds a unique place in the British film calendar. Over the last two decades I have especially loved watching the emergence of new young film talent behind and in front of the camera. But after so long a time I felt it only right to stand down and let others take the BAFTAs on to new heights and greater glories.

“I want to thank all the production staff, Amanda Berry and her wonderful BAFTA colleagues, the BBC and all those who helped make every year so enjoyable. I reserve especial gratitude and imagination for Ivor Baddiel and Phil Kerr, whose work on the scripts was so skilful it made people think I’d written every line myself. 

“What fun it will be to watch BAFTA 2018 without my heart hammering, mouth drying and knees trembling.”

Amanda Berry OBE, Chief Executive of BAFTA, said: “On behalf of everyone at BAFTA, I would like to sincerely thank Stephen Fry for making each and every one of the Film Awards that he’s presented such memorable and joyous occasions. We will miss him tremendously. We will reveal who our host for the 2018 Awards will be on Tuesday 9 January at our nominations press conference.”

The nominations for the EE British Academy Film Awards will be announced on Tuesday 9 January 2018 but after the Golden Globes last night, I think we’ve got a better idea of just a selection of people are are sure to be in the running.

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