Escape Stoke: Area 51 Review

Escape Stoke Witchcraft and Wizardry

After flying out of the Witchcraft and Wizardry room on my Nimbus 2000 I was asked if I would like to step into Area 51 and try out another room. This time was a little different thou. This time I would be braving the room alone.

Area 51 at Escape Stoke is the room with the highest success rate which basically means it’s the easiest escape room at the venue. Keep in mind these rooms are made for groups so naturally, for one person, this room could be rather difficult. Either that or I’m incredibly stupid. I’m somewhat inclined to go with the latter.

Escape Stoke Area 51 Review

The door swung open and there I was in a rather bland office. I was expecting something on the detail quality of the Witchcraft and Wizardry room but this was a little more downscaled in comparison. However, I did have a door in front of me with a lock on it so who knows what could be hiding behind it…

Once again I won’t be giving away any clues but I will say that this particular escape room defeated me. I had 60 minutes to escape and on my last clue, I was completely dumbstruck. I had the code to escape but not in the right order. Throughout this particular experience, I had to ask for help on more than one occasion. Maybe this was because I was on my own and I didn’t have someone pointing out my obvious mistakes.

Escape Stoke Area 51 Review

When you get the code for the door in front of you, however, you won’t be disappointed with the theming that lies beyond. It was really nicely done. Maybe a few more props and additionals could have littered the room but for what it was, it was good fun and immersive all the same.

Escape Stoke Area 51 Review

I think the Witchcraft and Wizardry room will be hard to beat in terms of theming but I could be pleasantly surprised if I review more rooms in the future.

If you really want to challenge yourself then, by all means, attempt this one alone. But if you don’t want high blood pressure and stress levels of an astronomical value I’d highly suggest having help with this one even if it’s the easiest escape room!

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