Escape Stoke: Escape the Seven Seas Review

Escape Stoke Review

Well, shiver me timbers matey! Welcome to another Escape Stoke review where this weekend I had the pleasure of reviewing the brand new (and most difficult) attraction at the venue. The Escape the Seven Seas room.

This pirate themed room opened May 19th and we were one of the lucky few to try it out for the first time.

Escape Stoke – The Experience

Escape Stoke Review

Upon first entering the room myself and my buddy Dean were split up and locked up in cages with a chain wrapped around the door and a padlock keeping me there for quite some time. Dean likewise was locked up on the opposite side of the room to me and with our LED pirate themed lamp lights we had to not only escape our cages but escape the ship within 60 minutes.

First and foremost having each player locked up in a cell was incredibly immersive. You instantly felt like you were on a ship and that there was a genuine sense of being trapped unless you figured out how to escape. The props in the room were incredibly detailed (on the same level as the props in the Witchcraft and Wizardry room) and the whole room itself was very nicely themed indeed. The attention to detail was a very nice touch and it all added to the atmosphere.

Escape Stoke Review

Working together with Dean we both finally managed to escape our cages but being the hardest Escape Room at the venue we did find a few puzzles tricky. One puzzle in particular, however, wasn’t working properly. I can’t go into detail about this as it would spoil a particular part of the experience but we had to have a member of staff step in and figure out the problem. Being a new room, naturally, it’s going to have teething problems but I feel that some of the mechanisms in each particular room (not just this new one) should be manually triggered (if the puzzle is correct) rather than automated. We wasted 20 minutes on that particular puzzle to realize it wasn’t us who was wrong, the mechanism was just not very sensitive. Escape Stoke kindly added our time back on for the minutes we’d lost and the game continued.

Escape Stoke Review

Escape Stoke is the first escape room venue I’ve ever been to and it’s a pleasure to get to review each of the wonderful rooms that are at the location. The Area 51 room for me personally is the weaker of the three I have reviewed so far. But with that said, a few more props and additionals added to the room would very quickly change that. It’s not that the room is bad either as that’s far from the truth, it’s only because the quality of the other two rooms is of a very high standard indeed.

Escape Stoke Review

Sadly, we didn’t make it out of this room. Once again, I focused too much on very specific methods of escaping rather than the glaringly obvious answers that were behind me the whole time. Nonetheless, the experience was superb and it’s hard to choose a favorite between this room and the Witchcraft and Wizardry room.

Escape Stoke Review

Escape the Seven Seas is certainly the hardest room I have faced to date but one of the most fun! I’d highly recommend you checking this one out when you visit. Get those eye patches on, walk the plank and have a swashbuckling good time at Escape Stoke this summer.

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