Escape Stoke Review: Casino Heist

It’s that time again when I get to experience a new escape room at Escape Stoke. Every time I go to Escape Stoke I get excited like a kid on Christmas Eve. I always love the theming of each and every room. It’s so incredibly detailed and with me being a huge fan of movies (as I’m sure you’ll have guessed by now) stepping onto a movie style set is always a great experience and that’s the level of detail that Escape Stoke offer at their venue.

This time around I recruited two friends to help me rob the vault of a casino in one of the trickier rooms at the venue, Casino Heist.

Casino Heist Escape Stoke

Upon entering the room we were thrown into a reception area of the casino. It was subtly detailed and we finally managed to get through the opening puzzles after quite the headache and then the real fun began.

Casino Heist is set up much differently than other rooms. Your job is to escape the room within 60 minutes just like in the other rooms but with Casino Heist, you are picking the money up along the way for every puzzle you solve. You can choose to escape the room much earlier with the amount of cash you have or stay for the full duration until you’ve stolen every last dollar. I quite liked that you had a freedom of choice and as always if you get stuck you pose to the camera and a hint pops up on the TV screen in the room.

Casino Heist Escape Stoke

The room was wonderfully themed with some really cool surprises along the way but there were some negatives with this particular experience.

Firstly the directional locks. To solve some puzzles you need to use a combination on a directional lock. Once the right movement combination has been entered the lock opens and away you go. However, these particular locks in the room were so stiff that even if you did get the code right it was still impossible to open the locks without fear of breaking it or breaking the objects they were attached to. I certainly didn’t want to damage anything in the room so better locks would have been much easier and would have saved up some considerable time.

Casino Heist Escape Stoke

With all the other rooms that I’ve reviewed so far, each clue led to the next clue and you were guided through the escape room one clue at a time. With Casino Heist, everything felt jumbled. One clue didn’t necessarily lead to the next clue as there were so many individual keys to collect to obtain the various stacks of money within the room. I think the room should lead people from one clue to another in a subtle way. As it stands it is a very difficult room but even the most difficult rooms should have a sense of progression through each clue rather than it being scattered and confusing at times.

We had to ask for help on more than one occasion and the hints weren’t always particularly clear but it was certainly a wonderful room that had some surprises up its sleeve.

Casino Heist is once again another great addition to Escape Stoke. A think a few improvements should be made in this particular room in regards to its clue progression but other than that it was great fun. We managed to get out in time but left one last stack of money behind as the cops were hot on our tails.

I have two more rooms to review at the venue and then I’m all done but apparently, a new room is on its way in the months to come and I’m rather hoping its a horror themed one!

Saw style Escape Room anyone?

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