Escape Stoke: Taken Review

escape stoke review

Your friend has been missing for days, believed to have been taken by a mysterious serial killer.

The police have yet to come close to capturing the kidnapper. You have been working hard to find your friend, and have tracked them down to an office in an engineering facility.

Is this just a normal office, or have you stumbled across the secret lair of a serial killer?

Taken Room at Escape Stoke

escape stoke review

Oh, how I love horror movies. Looking at the entrance to the escape room had my inner horror fan screaming with excitement! I couldn’t wait to see what was behind the door.

Surprisingly, the room laid out in front of us behind the door was indeed just a normal office at first glance. Nothing crazy but very nicely themed. It had a very strong Sherlock Holmes vibe in modern times as we have to unravel this murder mystery. We swept through the majority of clues with ease. No doubt due to the sheer amount of escape rooms we’ve reviewed so far. There was a group of three of us again and working as a team it was nice to have each clue leading to the next unlike in the Casino Heist room where everything felt so scattered and muddled. To be expected from a heist where anything could happen.

escape stoke review

A rather old-fashioned telephone is incorporated into the escape room as you have to dial specific numbers and hear the serial killers voice on the other end. Instantly the voice reminded me of John Kramer’s voice from the Saw movies and being a huge Saw fan myself I was getting far too excited hearing the voice of our serial killer in this particular role-play story that we were involved in.

escape stoke review

Most of the clues scattered within the room were simple enough but some involved some extra brain power that I certainly wouldn’t have been able to solve on my own. We only asked for help a handful of times throughout the 60-minute duration and yet again we had a little mechanism problem. We’ve had similar issues in other rooms such as Area 51, Casino Heist and Escape the Seven Seas so it is an issue that needs looking at. You have to be very specific and precise for certain mechanisms to work and not everyone is going to be as precise as we were especially if it’s the first escape room you’ve ever done.

escape stoke review

With that said the room was so much fun as you go deeper into the story and attempt to rescue your friend.

Taken also has some hidden surprises. There’s something very special about this room that had me freaking out and it’s a shame that I can’t say a damn thing about it! What I will say is that there is a certain part of the room that leads you into a darker more sinister part of the story and when it’s revealed it’s just incredible. One of the best reveals of any of the rooms I’ve been in at Escape Stoke so far. Simply awesome and such a brilliant touch to whoever designed the room.

escape stoke review

We managed to get out exactly on the 60-minute mark but this time we didn’t have time taken off for the broken mechanism which was a shame. Also, in this particular room when we asked for help it didn’t come as quickly as we would have liked. But now I’m just nitpicking.

Taken really takes the horror escape room to another level and I pray that they make another horror-themed room in the future as it’s certainly one of the most immersive. I can’t quite decide between this room and the Witchcraft and Wizardry room as they’re both very high quality indeed. Certainly the best two at the venue in my opinion.

It’s so strange to me that such an incredible experience is on my doorstep. I really hope they stay around for many years to come!

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