Executive Decision (1996) Review

Executive Decision

Tonight’s major motion picture is the action-adventure Executive Decision, which, let’s face it, would have a tough time getting made these days. Here’s the plot: A group of Arab terrorists hi-jack a commercial airliner and threaten to blow it up/crash it if their demands aren’t met. Sound similar to anything that’s happened in real life in the last 20 years? Released in 1996, Executive Decision was directed by legendary “fix-it” editor Stuart Baird; head over to the IMDB to have your mind-blown over this insane credits. Kurt Russell was perfectly cast as the somewhat regular guy joining the group to save the day, and John Leguizamo brought his customary rough attitude to his role as a commando who infiltrates the airline via a mid-air hook up by Stealth jet. I can remember seeing this nail-biter with my dad on opening night and having a blast with it. And SPOILER, it’s also hilarious when Steven Seagal gets sucked out of the plane to his death in the opening reel. Jerry Goldsmith, Frank J. Urioste, and Alex Thomson POWER. Written by the Predator duo of Jim and John Thomas, and produced by Joel “something needs to blow up every 15 minutes” Silver.

Review by Nick Clement

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