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Hisense N5500 review

Hisense is a brand of TV that I’d actually never heard of before until the time came to review this H49N5500 model. After some quick searching, it seems as thou this upcoming Chinese brand is really making it’s mark on the TV market producing budget range TV’s that don’t feel cheap in anyway shape or form. It puzzles me to think of just how they can make a 4K TV for under £500 without using the cheapest parts they could find but that scepticism quickly faded away the second one arrived at my doorstep.

This 49″ model straight out of the box felt sturdy, it had a nice bit of weight to it and it looked appealing. The only downside for me in regards to the TV itself was the stand. I’m not a big fan of TV’s that choose to have their stands at the edges of the TV, I’d much prefer an adjustable stand that’s in the middle so it can fit on a small stand or unit. Having stands at the end of the TV forces me to put it on a very long unit which not everyone has the luxury of. Space is a rare thing in my little old house but we managed to squeeze it into a corner, just about.

As shown in the review above I wasn’t a great fan of the TV picture on certain channels. I had to constantly keep tweaking the picture on certain channels and then tweaking it some more the second I plugged in my PS4 Pro but once that stress was over and done with and I finally found a setting I liked this TV came into a world of its own. The moment the PS4 Pro was turned on and the TV was flicked into gaming mode, I have never experienced 4k gaming before. I brought a PS4 Pro in the hope of getting a new 4K TV and I just never got around to it. Finally seeing my PS4 Pro on any 4K TV was a nice surprise and I wasn’t disappointed by what I was seeing. For a TV that is worth under £500, the vibrancy, deep colours and beautiful imagery shone through as thou it was twice the price. It certainly isn’t as good as my 49″ curved Samsung LED TV but why would it be at half the price?

The 8-watt speakers performed admirably compared to the usual tinny sound you get from any TV speakers at any price range. Hisense has added a dbx-tv® sounder quality audio built into the TV and this can be adjusted in the menus. There is also a setting for crisp loud volume and another setting for providing rich, deep bass and crisp highs. The downside to the audio settings thou, however, is that the bass, middle and treble isn’t adjustable. You are forced to listen to presets which aren’t bad, but they’re certainly not great either. I’d highly recommend investing in a soundbar for this particular TV but most people buy a soundbar as standard with any TV nowadays so that’s no reflection on the audio quality of this particular model.

Hisense N5500 review

One last test performed on the Hisense H49N5500 was the 4K test. I hooked the TV up via its built-in Wi-Fi and streamed a 4K clip and wow. I’m certainly no TV expert but I know what looks good and the 4K footage just popped off the screen, it looked nothing short of incredible. You look at the price and instantly think the quality of the TV will reflect it’s price point but with the Hisense H49N5500 you feel as thou you’ve just picked up the bargain of the century.

After an overall positive review, there was a few niggles thou, however. The TV has only 3 HDMI ports (X2 at 60hz and X1 at 30hz) another HDMI would have been a nice touch. Like mentioned above the stand is an issue in addition to the audio not being great even at high volumes. Normal TV is a bit of a fiddle to get the picture right but once you get there it’s more than acceptable. The TV is very heavy on pre-sets and I feel this lack of customisation ruins what could be possible, maybe it’s the constraints of a low-budget TV, who knows.

All in all the Hisense H45N5500 is a great TV for what you’re paying for. I certainly can’t think of many other TV models that contain this kind of quality in this particular price bracket. I’m sure there are many other models out there but Hisense is certainly stepping up their game and making a name for themselves. Keep it going!

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