For $1,000,000 You Can Own Your Very Own R2-D2


For the sum of one million dollars you can own your very own piece of cinematic history.

In the current Profiles in History auction we have this complete R2-D2 unit assembled from original components from numerous Star Wars movies including the original trilogy and Episodes I & II.

An iconic and instantly recognisable figure from the Star Wars universe, this R2-D2  is made from parts alumimum, steel and fiberglass elements measuring 43 inches tall, 29.5 inches wide and 20 inches deep. The full R2 unit was put together from various collections spanning across many Star Wars productions. R2 components were reused from previous Star Wars films and as filming progressed parts were upgraded and refurbished due to wear and tear.

Movie Prop

The R2-D2 dome is one of a few ‘hero’ (used on screen for closeups) aluminum domes that was made for actor Kenny Baker in A New Hope and is the only known hero dome in the public domain.

With pieces from various productions, this R2 unit doesn’t come with any internal mechanics or workings but you’re not just getting a prop or costume. You are getting a beloved character from the biggest franchise on earth and it has been pieced together with care, dedication and passion which is exactly what Star Wars fans across the globe bring to the table and to the future growth of this beloved series.

Star Wars

It’s safe to say that only an elite few will be able to afford this iconic piece but it doesn’t stop us taking a look now does it?

CLICK HERE to take a look at the auction.

On another note. Who’s looking forward to The Last Jedi?

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