Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell


Starring the inimitable Peter Cushing, the last of Hammer’s acclaimed series of “Frankenstein” films and the final feature film directed by the legendary Terence Fisher.

Key talent:

Director Terence Fisher (The Curse of Frankenstein; Dracula; The Mummy; The Curse of The Werewolf; The Devil Rides Out)

Writer Anthony Hinds (The Curse of The Werewolf; Dracula: Prince of Darkness; Frankenstein Created Woman; Dracula Has Risen From The Grave)

Peter Cushing (Star Wars; The Mummy; The Curse Of Frankenstein)

Shane Briant (Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter; Lady Chatterley’s Lover)

Madeline Smith (Live And Let Die; The Vampire Lovers; The Amazing Mr. Blunden)

David Prowse (Star Wars; A Clockwork Orange; The Horror Of Frankenstein)

Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who; The Omen; Scars Of Dracula)

Bernard Lee (M in the Bond films; The Third Man)


Convicted of bodysnatching and using the body parts of his ill-gotten cadavers for research, Dr. Simon Helder is sentenced to five years in an insane asylum. On arrival, he recognises the penitentiary’s resident surgeon as none other than the infamous Baron Victor Frankenstein, who has been hiding out there and continuing his research into the reanimation of corpses under the pseudonym of Dr. Carl Victor. Recognising Helder’s surgical skills, Frankenstein enlists the young doctor as his assistant under the pretext of their tending to the medical needs of their fellow inmates. But the reality of the situation is far more sinister. Frankenstein is already well on his way to creating a new living creature assembled from the vital organs of murdered criminals and madmen.

We like it because:

A perfect, unusually gory and beautifully gothic swan song for Hammer’s incarnation of Mary Shelley’s two accursed creations, “Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell” features yet another (his sixth) standout performance by the brilliant Peter Cushing as the mad baron and is also notable for the pre-Star Wars pairing of the actors who would four years later reunite to play two of the most iconic villains in the cinematic galaxy – Darth Vader (David Prowse) and Grand Moff Tarkin (Cushing).

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