Fright Night 1985 Recap

fright night

The 1985 horror flick Fright Night from writer/director Tom Holland, which I’ve not seen in over 20 years. This is a film that I didn’t grow up watching on repeat, but I was always aware of it, and it was an item that would be screened when I was hanging out at my friend’s houses, as horror items weren’t big down in my personal basement in the 80’s. Does it still hold up in modern times? Hmm.. I do remember thinking it was quite fun! I never realized that composer Brad Fiedel (Terminator 2) did the musical score, or that the special effects team from Ghostbusters worked on this movie. Holland’s other credits as a screenwriter include the immortal Cloak & Dagger, Psycho II, and Class of 1984, while he’s also directed Child’s Play, The Temp, and Thinner. Check out the Never Heard of It episode where they discuss Fright Night and Once Bitten as part of their continuing series on films from 1985 – these guys are on a nostalgic roll through the VHS era!

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