FROST – Review

FROST_2D_DVD_png_290x290_q92Filmmaker Gunnar (Björn Thors) arrives at a remote glacier camp on the outskirts of the Arctic Circle to meet up with physiologist Agla (Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdóttir) to make a documentary about the research being conducted there. The next day they discover the camp mysteriously abandoned and their co-workers gone without a trace.As darkness descends and the camp is shaken with ear-splitting shrieks and violentflashing lights, the couple bravely venture out into the vast nothingness frantically following a trail of blood in the snow in the hope that it’ll lead them to their missing colleagues, unaware of what they’ll find at the other end…ReviewA slow starting film, I thought with a duration of a mere 75mins that the film would make up for that with instant action, yet the first 15 mins serves up some superb arctic scenery that any film maker would love to have in their stock footage. I always take found footage films with a pinch of salt but as the first 15 mins proves, they can be visually appealing. Now the arctic crew are making a documentary so the first 15 minutes looks like it has been taken straight out of a David Attenborough documentary, the film has given us the visuals, but now we want the gore, the horror, the actual premise of the movie.

Frost_2_jpg_480x480_q93Gunnar and Agla wake up the next morning to find that their co-workers have vanished without a trace, they are no where in sight and as a snow storm slowly decends over base camp Agla and Gunnar discuss where their crew be. The thing is thou however, they discuss it for five minutes and then go about their usual business as thou nothing has happened, there is no real concern for the well being of their co-workers, its like the ‘oh well they’ll just freeze or die or something, here hunni let’s drink wine and get naked’ attitude.

As night passes over once more, Agla and Gunnar are faced with strange flashes, weird noises and a blackout in their bunker. This magical blackout now makes them wonder – hmm maybe we should go look for our friends. 30 minutes into the film and I’m really considering turning off, literally nothing has happened, usually there is a build of tension or some convey of emotion, but this film is as emotionless as a Kristen Stewart photoshoot !

The film carries to drag on with beautiful scenery keeping the DVD player running, the film uses camera malfunction and static to build tension, it gets to a point where it just becomes annoying as you can’t see whats going on, a found footage film where the majority of the ‘highlights’ are camera static and weird noises. 65 minutes in.

66 mins in and we have some action, some actual viewing material that catches my eye but this lasts a split second as it switches to a rescue team saving the team with a small twist occurrence with the bodies discovered. The film ends on a cliffhanger, I wouldn’t expect anything less from glacier explorers. A telekinetic explanation perhaps, something that lurks in each of us, who knows? The film doesn’t care to explain the rubbish i’ve been watching for the last hour and 15 minutes.

Thank you for the lovely scenery but aside from that, this film doesn’t have a leg to stand on. A film that melts before it even starts