Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

My second to last pickup from London’s MCM Comic Con was Geek Gear.

GeekGear is a UK Subscription box company based in Central Scotland bringing you an amazing monthly shipment of magic! With the variety of subscriptions on offer. Priced at a special comic-con price of £15 we certainly got a good value for money.

What I didn’t particularly like about the box was just how many items were pins or Harry Potter themed. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the films but when it was near enough every single item it got a little dull. Geek Gear does a Harry Potter themed box as well as their usual subscription boxes and I just felt it was trying to force a sale of the more expensive Harry Potter boxes (£29.99) should you like the items in the cheaper box.

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Edition Contents

Ready Player One Geek Gear Exclusive Pin Badge (Only 100 Worldwide Roughly £3-£5)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

It’s hard to put a value on an exclusive item and this box contains quite a number of them. I’ve priced the pin down to its exclusivity which differs with color. The back of the pin badge tells you the exclusivity of the item. Black (Common), Silver (Mid-Range), Gold (Limited Edition) and as such this gold backed pins price has been adjusted accordingly.

Slytherin Geek Gear Exclusive Pin Badge (Roughly £1-£3)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

Once again another pin and we have a Harry Potter World of Wizardry pin. Black (common) variant on this one so a lower value noted as a result.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mug (RRP £6.99)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

This Awesome Mix Vol.2 mug covers just under 50% of the box cost alone. So in terms of value, already we’re close to breaking even with plenty to go. Onwards we march into profit!

House of Black Wand (RRP £31)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

Hand-painted and without its original display box I assume the value of this wand must be a mistake. The only link I could find to the Sirus Black wand provided in the box was the official Harry Potter Shop. The item came in a themed cardboard box rather than a professional display box but the pricing is out of this world making this an incredible item in the box regardless of how much a display box costs.

Harry Potter Posters (RRP £2 for both)

Not my cup of tea personally but they’re good for fans of Harry Potter. I just though the designs were a little dull and cheap. Certainly a throwaway item for me.

Ready Player One Keychain (RRP £4.99)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

A great little item from a wonderful movie. This Ready Player One keychain was a welcome addition to the box!

Marvel Pen (RRP £3.75)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

A very over-priced Marvel pen. A detailed little stylus but I can’t say much more about a pen really.

Geek Gear Exclusive Thors Hammer (Only 100 Worldwide Roughly £3-£5)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

1 of 100 worldwide this exclusive Geek Gear pin is a pretty cool addition to the box IF and only IF there weren’t so many pins in this box already! I’m drowning in pins here!

Shadow Trooper Light Up Notepad (RRP £6.99)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

A notebook with a difference this Rogue One light up notepad isn’t too bad at all with a light-up gimmick providing three seconds of solid entertainment for a simple person like myself.

Ministry of Magic Vinyl Sticker (RRP £1)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

Harry Potter again…

Gryffindor Gear Gear Exclusive Pin Badge (Roughly £1-£3)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

ANOTHER Harry Potter item.. arghhhhh

Game of Thrones Geek Gear Exclusive White Walker Print (RRP £4.99)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

Wasn’t a huge fan of the show I got bored after the first four episodes and turned it on. I’m told it gets better so I may just give this show another shot!

Harley Quinn Daddy’s Little Monster Necklace (RRP £14.99)

Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

I couldn’t believe the price of these necklaces when I looked online. You can find these for £9 but they all looked second hand via eBay sellers but wow.. overpriced much?!


Geek Gear MCM Comic Con Review

Box Cost – £15

Box Value – £84.70 roughly

Whilst the box value might be extraordinary I feel as thou the majority of these items can be found cheaper when looking in the right places. If you look at the collection as a whole it doesn’t look expensive to me. Many of the items are pins, cheap posters, pens, and prints. If the wand price is to be believed that’s one of the best value for money items in the entire box. If the wand wasn’t in the box (and the necklace) then the price would drop dramatically.

They must have brought these items in some large bulk quantities to be able to give such a good value for money box away. Those two items alone would have made for one superb box I just think they went overkill on the pins with this one but as filler, I can’t complain!

Check out Geek Gears full range of subscription boxes at –

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