George Zimmerman Boxing Match – Challenge ACCEPTED

George Zimmerman just agreed to a celebrity boxing match … and he says he’ll fight ANYONE… as reported by TMZ  just moments ago, and seconds later we receive an email about a man who is putting himself forward immediately as a potential challenger.



Mark as you know has been recently featured a lot on our site lately due him being a high profile celebrity bodyguard trained as a deadly arts and weapons specialist. In Other words, A man who is actually more than qualified to lay the smackdown on Mr.Zimmerman. Born in Delray Beach, Florida, Mark actually worked on a charity “Kardashian” Boxing Event which had Mark box against Bruce Jenner (6 times Olympic Gold Medalist). Its safe to say Mark isn’t afraid of any challenge and said this in regards to the Zimmerman contest 

I’m Willing To Donate $1000 of My Own Money, To A Worthy Charity, If He Accepts My Chalange & Dares To Take Me On & Step-Up To The Plate & Prove Himself To Be A Real & True Man” After All…After All… “Who’s gonna match my donation & step-up -and- support me & back me up as well”?

Back to the Movies are behind Mark, ALL the way ! We’d love to see him beat the smile off George’s face, and its all in the name of charity!

Sounds like Mark is fairly confident in giving George the beat down but will he rise to the occasion… Stay Tuned as this story develops…

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