Happy 40th Anniversary Grease!

grease 40th anniversary

Forty years later and Grease is still fresh in our minds like it was yesterday. The iconic musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is celebrating a landmark anniversary.

First released in 1978 Grease went on to become the highest-grossing musical ever made wiping the floor with the 13-year record held by The Sound of Music. The most recent 2017 live-action musical Beauty and the Beast pipped it to that number 1 spot recently thou, however.

When such songs as Summer Nights and You’re the One that I want to this day still frequent karaoke bars up and down the country you know you’ve made a hit!

In honour of the anniversary, Grease returned to the big screen for a few nights and a special edition Blu Ray and DVD were released at the end of April. Now for a film blogger, I didn’t receive a damn thing about any of the screenings for the film. So, like myself, I’m sure you missed it too but don’t worry!

Clifton College is putting on a 40th-anniversary special screening at the Redgrave Theatre on June 26.

Spend a summer night (get it?) singing along to your favourite songs and enjoy Grease on the big screen one more time.

So if you’re in or around Bristol on June 26 then go greased lightning, get yourselves over to the Redgrave Theatre!

Get your tickets today at – https://redgravetheatre.com/event/2018/06/grease-a-40th-anniversary-special/360/


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