Hell in The Cell 2013 Review

HIAC_2013_DVD_2DHell in a Cell 2013 features the return of John Cena! Can Cena defeat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship in his first WWE match since his injury at SummerSlam? Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton collide again as they battle over the WWE Championship in the Cell, with his mentor, Shawn Michaels, acting as special guest referee can Daniel Bryan reclaim the WWE title? CM Punk takes on Ryback and his former best friend Paul Heyman in the Cell, can Punk finally give Heyman his just deserts? Plus brothers Cody Rhodes and Goldust put their WWE Tag Team Titles on this line against The Shield and The Usos, AJ Lee faces Brie Bella with the Divas Championship on the line, and much more!


Hell in the Cell always brings some high tension action, the ultimate event in any WWE calender, the high flying cage matches where bodies are put on the line and careers are defined… Well I sure didn’t see it in this one.

The Show actually started out superbly with a Triple Threat match as Cody Rhoes & Goldust faced Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and also The Usos. It was a slow starting match but one high flying acrobatic move made me jump out of my seat like a bomb had just gone off, erupting in a load cheer of HOLY SHITTTT !

Once that move was over it was back to basics as I sat down for what would be a very boring Pay per View. The highlights for me were the Hell in the Cell matches CM Punk’s match vs Ryback and Paul Heyman was good to watch but I’m getting a little tired of the story line now. How much longer do they need to drag this out? This match was meant to be a handicap match yet Paul Heyman is standing atop the cage the whole time spectating as per usual, and even when the match ends and he gets his just desserts there is no highlight what so ever, he doesn’t fall through the cage which was what I was expecting. For a guy that size he sure as hell has enough padding to cushion the landing so why not throw him through the cage..?

So after a disappointing first Hell in the Cell match we have the upcoming second match which pits Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton for the umpteenth time. This time thou Shawn Michaels is refereeing, this match was far more interesting and easier to watch than the previous. The in-ring tension coupled with the high octane action made for a great viewing experience, as always with this match up something crazy always happens towards the end and once again it did no disappoint as Triple H makes a nice appearance. I personally think he should still be in the ring, a suit and tie really does suit him as does his prestigious role in the company but I long for the day when I hear the Motorhead intro music and HHH donning the famous king of kings attitude.

So all in all, only 2 matches were decent to watch and even those were not matches that will be etched in my memory for years to come. Quite a disappointing Pay per View, lets hope the next one in store is a little more entertaining.

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