imagesThe film starts off with a girl and her fiance in a car together sharing laughter and being close with one another, next minute a car crash resulting in the girls fiance dead at the wheel, Jenna the girl in the passenger seat crying and then the camera fades to black and film skips forward 3 years. Personally the intro served no purpose to me what so ever but anyways, on with the review!


Jenna played by Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween,Halloween 2) is with her friend Renee played by Christina Ulloa (Charmed, Black) who both meet up with 2 guys Ian (Travis Van Winkle) and Michael (Michael Copon) who hop on a boat and drive to Ian’s uncles cabin where they will be staying to party.


The cabin itself has a Sauna so the guys get ready with the beer, Renee is dressed down in a sexy bikini but Jenna seems more nervy.. a bottle of tablets is shown before she enters the sauna, which indicates the girl may be on anti depressants after witnessing such an horrific accident. She still seems nervy and cautious about things even thou its 3 years down the line.

A few minutes in the Sauna and the temperature is around 184 degrees farenheit, after feeling the heat they decide
to come outside and take a swim in the lake to cool off before returning back to the sauna. as everyone is drinking
and having a good time, Michael is drinking twice as much and is becoming a sorry state.

Renee and Michael have a small argument and Michael disappears.. Inside the Sauna Jenna, Ian and Renee hear a shuffling noise like a bench being moved… thinking its Michael messing around they go to check on him only to find the door has been wedged shut.


As they stay longer in the heat, panic sets in, with the thermostat situated on the outside of the door meaning the temperature cannot  be changed. A small porthole on the wooden door is broken so that some fresh air can be brought into the room, the camera pans around the old wooden cabin to find that a small wooden ladder that Michael tripped over earlier is now blockading the door.

Tempers flare to a point of insanity as the heat gets the better of all of them, leading to drastic consequences.. one of  which being the internal temperature control being broken so the heater goes all the way up to a skin melting 247 degrees.



Finally we’re at the film titles temperature !!

Will they be saved.. or will they die.. ?

It takes a lot for me to enjoy a film and this film has had very mixed reviews but I can safely say I enjoyed it .. some parts of the storyline were pointless for me personally they served no purpose to the situation in which they were in and took the attention away from the suspense of the movie. When the suspense was focused inside the sauna the tension was there and the atmosphere builds superbly around the characters.

The acting is mediocre but as the story progresses you can feel the stress in the characters and it gradually becomes more convincing and realistic.

Overall I REALLY enjoyed this flick, it had a nice amount of suspense, the same sort of suspense and tension as that of
“Buried” and “127 Hours” but with some eye candy as an additional bonus ! Two beautiful women in Bikini’s seemed to make the 87 minutes fly by in no time, so for me this was a great little independent flick.

My Overall rating is that 247°F is some pretty hot stuff !

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