How we would survive a Zombie Apocalypse

So after watching countless hours of The Walking Dead, I was approached by Man Crates Gifts For Men to write an article about if I was stuck in a horror movie, what items would I like at my disposal and I started thinking just like I’m sure many of you out there have what would I do in this situation, how would I survive a zombie apocalypse?

The following is my own personal opinion and I really feel as thou some items in this list may be my downfall but if we’re in desperate need then well, I’ll at least go down fighting !

If I was in a zombie apocalypse here is my plan for riding out the storm and kicking ass along the way.

Step 1 – Hang out with larger people4223160_std

Now we all know from TV shows and movies that the big guys and girls are always the slowest runners and the biggest meals when it comes to zombie meal times. So by hanging around with these larger than life characters I can not only outrun them but I can escape to find myself more larger than life groups, it’s like being surrounded by a five course meal and I’m just the tiny little salad starter that no one really wants.

Step 2 – Find an awesome location

Location, location, location is important in the zombie game; you need to find a place of safety and security. I’d find a nice burger joint or an abandoned theme park or cinema and just have some fun. Sooner or later I’m going to die so why not just have fun until the inevitable happens. The prison idea was superb on The Walking Dead but it just wasn’t fun was it? Staring at the same walls day in and day out would drive me insane!mall

Step 3 – Stock up on Pot Noodle and Twinkies

Zombieland inspired me that twinkies are the number one zombie apocalypse snack, so stocking up on Twinkies seems rather sensible. Pot Noodles are just easy to make and great portable food. I’m not sure my dietician would agree but it’s a zombie apocalypse here I have to stay trim, too many twinkies and too many pot noodle and well I’d be a fatty and you know what that means!


Items to have with me at all times

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