James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge Out This August

James cameron's deepsea challenge

James Cameron, world-renowned and award-winning filmmaker puts his life on the line to dive alone down to the deepest place on Earth. Extraordinary new documentary Deepsea Challenge– in conjunction with National Geographic – charts one man’s descent to the ocean’s darkest and most mysterious depths and is out to own on DVD this August.

Already a successful filmmaker, Cameron is also a passionate ocean explorer – as can be seen in his work on The Abyss and Titanic. He has been driven by a lifelong dream to be the first man to dive solo to the bottom of the forbidding and mysterious Mariana Trench. The seven-mile deep trench in the Pacific Ocean is the last frontier on Earth and he was determined to make it there and back alive!

Consisting of seven years worth of research and testing. Take a look at first-hand accounts of the deep dive in this historic story of Cameron’s personal odyssey.

Available on DVD & VOD 20th August

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