NEW Jigsaw Posters Show The Return of Pighead

Jigsaw Character Poster

After my mind exploded into a thousand pieces the second the Jigsaw trailer finished I had a group of new jigsaw posters to deal with. My inner fanboy has been craving a new Saw film since Saw3D was left so open-ended. Everyone was saying it was the last one, but they couldn’t do that to the franchise. Not for one second did I believe that was the last we’d see of the Jigsaw killer.

The legacy of John Kramer and his work doesn’t need a successor anymore it seems, the power has been given to the people. A message for those of us who want retribution for sins to take matters into our own hands. This idea in itself kind of tears up John Kramer’s whole idelogy of retribution and facing your fears. As we know John Kramer was never really a murderer, there were methods of escaping his traps if only you followed the rules and were reborn from sin. It has been a downward spiral since our beloved Jigsaw killer passed away in Saw III and the ‘anything goes’ mantra has sadly taken hold. Just look at Hoffman’s story angle, the first thing he did was take revenge into his own hands by staging his own Jigsaw trap for personal vendetta.

These new posters released show that motto off quite clearly. Anyone from any walk of life could be the next ‘Jigsaw killer’. The pigmask hiding their identity and making the look and feel of the poster all the more sinister.

Missed the Jigsaw Trailer? Check it out below

Roll on October 27, I cannot wait. Not only will the next incredible Saw movie be in the theatres but Raybin Management will no doubt be selling off the props from the movie in various auctions after release. EEEEEK!

Tobin Bell is set to be back as the main villain John Kramer but considering he died in Saw III I imagine he will only appear in flashbacks. I can’t see him returning in any other scenario. I feel this would spoil the film, he died, we saw his autopsy, we see his grave in this film. He’s dead. But if you take a look at the trailer his blood is found at a crime scene. Could it be a friend of John’s? A family member? Someone who treated him as a patient? So many questions with no answers in sight.

Jigsaw Character Poster

Michael and Peter Spierig are helming the latest installment. Original creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell are helping Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg with the screenplay. The film is produced by Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman and Oren Koules. God what it must be like to be them for a day or two. Yeah we created the most successful Horror franchise of all time. No biggie.

Sadly neither Costas Mandylor (Detective Hoffman) nor Cary Elwes (Dr.Gordan) will be returning in this film. But, they said that about Cary with Saw 3D and he popped up right at the end there. So just be prepared for that one, as you just never know.

I cannot wait for this. Roll on Halloween. It’s time to play a game.

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