Kane Hodder to become Jason once again !


To shrieks of horror fans delight Kane Hodder will once again don the famous hockeymask and become Jason one more time but it won’t be on the big screen. Just like Robert Englund’s appearance at Flashback Weekend as Freddy Krueger it seems the trend is catching on for other horror icons to follow suit. Will Doug Bradley be next dressing up as the famous pinhead one last time? Who knows.

Known as the one and only Jason Voorhees,  Kane Hodder hasn’t played the role of Jason Vorhees since 2001’s Jason X, and just like it was mentioned in his amazing book Unmasked it seemed as thou even Kane himself had given up hope of playing the character ever again after being replaced as Jason for the Freddy Vs Jason crossover. Over 10 years later, the mask is going back on for one last time.

So at Mad Mobster Party, kicking off Friday (the 13th) of February in Chicago, Hodder will be posing for photographs with fans in the full Jason makeup and costume, designed by the one and only John Carl Buechler.

This special package photo op will set you back a rather pricey $199. It will come with one autograph from Kane and John, an in-makeup photo op with a green screen background (for up to 2 adults), and reserved seating at the Q&A. It does not include admission to the convention thou however.


Tickets for this event will be extremely limited, so be sure to check the Mad Mobster’s website and grab them the second they go live! The event takes places at the Hilton Chicago Hotel, 720 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60613.

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