Launch Boks July 2018 Review – WARRIOR

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

So today was my first experience of Launch Boks. I was kindly sent July’s WARRIOR themed box all the way from Spain to review here on Back to the Movies.

Launch Boks™  is a spanish monthly subscription box created with the idea of gathering the most epic geek & gamer gear possible. It’s a bold claim on their website but thankfully Launch Boks back their claim up big time!

Priced at around £25 + shipping and handling you can experience their monthly themed boxes and with their new service BoksToy you can complete a full range of items from any given collection featured in previous boxes.. I think BoksToy is a great way for subscribers to complete their collection of goodies, whether it’s finishing the full-range of Pop Vinyls you loved or simply to say you have the full-range of a particular product is always a cool feeling. BoksToy has you covered and the prices are much cheaper than the retail prices too!

So, without further ado let’s take a look inside July’s WARRIOR Launch Boks.

Launch Boks July 2018 WARRIOR contents

Zebra and Bullseye Batman Pop Vinyl – RRP £19.99

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

What a superb item to add into a subscription box! An item that on its own nearly totals the price of the box. Such awesome variants on Batman with the zebra and bullseye pair. Such a cool item. I was ready to turn off the video and be done, I was speechless. An amazing start to an amazing box!

Zelda Flexi Notebook – RRP £4.99

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

Much like other subscription boxes, notepads seem to be the ‘it’ thing to include. I do love the design of this particular notebook but I’ve now got enough of these to open my own stationary branch. Still, for all the Zelda fans out there, you can’t go wrong really.

Japanese Superman Raglan T-Shirt RRP £5.99

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

Normally I would put the value of a T-Shirt at £10 for any unboxing but I found this particular design for £5.99 all over the place! This Japanese Superman T-Shirt is pretty cool but the sleeves are ever so weird. A Raglan design that just reaches below my elbows but leaves a huge gap between there and my wrists. A very weird T-Shirt indeed!

Terminator Genisys MegaBloks Figure RRP £8.99

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

This took ever so long to build but it was worth it in the end. This cool Megablox T-800 needs a patient person to steer it towards completion and that just isn’t me but we got there. It’s a real shame it’s from Terminator Genisys but nevermind. A very cool addition to the box that kept me busy for a good 30 minutes.

FUNKO Stormtrooper Mug RRP £12.28

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

As we continue with FUNKO’s world dominance it’s only fair they take a stab at the ceramics market too. This rather funky FUNKO would be a nice addition to anyone’s kitchen. May the force be with you all!

Launch Boks Chip RRP £1

Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

The customary Launch Boks chip that is now featured in every box instead of a pin. A cool little chip that would look awesome in a full poker-style display in the future.


Launch Boks Warrior July 2018

Box Cost – £25 + Shipping and Handling

Box Value – £53.24

As a whole, this box is right up there with the best of them. The Amazing Mystery Box will always have a soft spot in my heart for the sheer quantity of items you receive but Launch Boks provides lesser items but of much higher quality. I was so surprised by the items in this box, absolutely overwhelmed to receive a double Batman variant POP Figure that’s for sure!

The only negative that I would say about the box is the packaging. The POP figure was damaged in the post and the majority of items just couldn’t fit into the normal sized box. The box needs to be protected in another box (rather than a shipping bag) and the POP Figure should have really been in its own box with some other items or even a giant Launch Boks to fit everything in properly.

Regardless of the packaging issue I highly recommend Launch Boks and should you wish to order one of your own you can visit the following:


To complete your collection of items received in previous boxes!

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