Love Cinema? Go Unlimited


This weekend myself and a friend went to watch Daddy’s Home in the cinema, we got to the checkout for two tickets, gazed at our total and couldn’t believe we were paying close to £20 for two cinema tickets and we’re based right here in the Midlands.

I also remember going to London to watch Terminator Salvation last year and nearly collapsing when two tickets cost a total of £36 (Not VIP seating).

It seems as thou cinema ticket prices are only worth-while to students whilst the adults are stuck with extortionate prices, this was until I was made aware of the new Cineworld cinema opening in my local area of Stoke on Trent.

Cineworld have an unlimited card deal which for a set price of £16.90 a month allows you to see as many movies as you want within that specific month as many times as you want, not only that the unlimited card gives you 10% off all snacks and drinks and allows you access to exclusive screening and event invites.


If you have a group of friends who just like you, go to watch movies on a regular basis you can refer them to sign up to Cineworld unlimited and receive a free months membership for yourself for the referral.

After paying over £16.90 for just one movie the thought of paying this a month to see every single screening the cinema was showing seemed like an absolute bargain for a regular cinema go-er such as myself.

Batman Vs Superman, Zoolander 2, Kung Fu Panda 3, X:Men Apocalypse all of these 2016 blockbusters can be seen for £16.90 a month, throw in some nachos and a coke for 10% cheaper and I’m one happy chappy.

In the interest of full disclosure this post was written in partnership with Cineworld and we felt it necessary to promote this great deal to our film loving readers!