Mark Behar – Hollywood Bodyguard

Mark with Kim KardashianMark Behar is an actor, producer and also works as a security expert and personal bodyguard to the Music & Movie A-List Elite. This guy has been through it all, seen the best, and worked with the best.  We caught up with Mark while he was working at the Grammy Awards 2014 as we were so intrigued to find out about the life of a celebrity bodyguard / actor / producer.

So Mark straight from the beginning how did you start in the industry, what was your first gig, and how did you progress from security, into acting and helping out on set? 

I got started in the industry when I worked for “Bon Jovi” (My first gig in 1985 – On their “Slippery When Wet Tour”), in my hometown state of New Jersey,  I also worked for the WWF/WWE (From: 1990-ON).  Regarding Both “personal, backstage & event security”.

I got into the acting gig first on an episode of “Scrubs”, then I got a job on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  my first movie acting role was “Walk A Mile In My Pradas” (With Tom Arnold & I was also an Assoc. Producer on this movie as well).  I was always willing to do whatever was asked of me for free at no additional charge. 

Mark with Katie MorganHigh profile stars are your priority to protect on sets and at events, was their one person that really stood out for you whilst you were working with them?

Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse, David Carradine (“Kung Fu” & Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2) along with the other hundreds haha !  

 With security being a high risk job what would you say was your most difficult job, did certain events occur that sometimes are beyond control?

Yes with all of the above stars, that is all I can say.

Your IMDB is littered with high profile films and jobs, what would you say is your most favourite?

All are unique and special with each assignment I see from your credits that you have produced films as well, is there a particular genre you favour more than others or are you interested in a broad spectrum of movies?

Comedy is my favourite, but crazy horror films are also cool such as The Devils Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses, The Saw series etc. 

 Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carey, Leonardo Di Caprio and many other huge names have all been under your protection at some time or another, with such a high profile job, what are the steps you have to undertake to prepare yourself to bodyguard some of the biggest names in the industry away from the onslaught of their fans?

I make sure to do a true background check and to make a list of all ex stalkers, any restraining orders these people may have and the celebs past experiences. In regards to the celebrity themselves I find out what medication they are taking (If any) and any allergies to food or drink. 

 After working with the celebrities and getting to know them, are their a few that have become friends rather than just a business assignment?

Yes there are many, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Tony Bennett, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Ron Jeremy, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Madonna, Dennis Hof the owner of “The World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch” & “The HBO Hit Series CatHouse. Not to mention the late David Carradine (“Kung Fu” & Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2) just to name a few !

Mark with Ron JeremyWho is the craziest group of people you have ever worked with?

The Lohans, The Kardashians, The Hogans, The Ozbournes, The Richards and The Simmons hands down.

So you are involved in Steven Smith’s upcoming UK horror film The Jaakhin can you tell us your role in this movie and how the job came about?

We met online on Facebook, he spoke to me regarding my various roles in the industry via my IMDB page.

You have been trained as a deadly weapons specialist including props, could you give us a better understanding of what that job entails? It sounds like a posh title for ‘I know how to kick seven kinds of crap out of someone’! 

It means I have firsthand knowledge and have personally seen the true life damage of what many various weapons can do when used on a human body. I was both a real street and federal cop for several years.

What is the most favourite film set you’ve worked on and why?

My favourite recent films to of worked on would be The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen where I worked backstage and all the behind the scenes. Also on Anchorman 2 I worked backstage and on set / trailers. There were so many pranks pulled on set by all cast and crew members on one another.

Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to achieve in the years to come?

Just to keep working with great people on some great movies! 

Mark Behar is a true American hero, this guy has done it all ! We hope you enjoyed the interview. 2l9un8